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ICAS - Training

Our conviction is that "A ship cannot sail without a crew".

It is widely acknowledged that training is essential to any organisation business continuity. Our courses are delivered to recognised international standards such British, European and American standards. Some of the courses are designed to take into account leading research and legislation as well as professional good practices.

All the courses are delivered by qualified and experienced team of professionals with usually academic degrees and certificates and some of them are university lecturers with reputable UK universities and a catalogue of technical related publications and books.

The courses contents provide our clients with the most up to date information, Industry development standards and most advanced technology features available in the market.

The courses are usually delivered in well known venues but can also be delivered at the Client premises or specific venues suitable to provide such training.

Some of our main courses include:

  • CCTV Supervision and Operation
  • Security Management and Staff Supervision Training
  • Control Room Operators Training
  • Fire Management and Risk Assessment Training
  • Communications and Networking Technology
  • Radio Communications
  • Technical Maintenance Training
  • Tailor Made Courses to client's specific
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