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ICAS - Crime Prevention

Terrorism and Crime are common threats to all mankind in any country. They have no boundary or border. They can strike anywhere at any time if the necessary steps are not taking to prevent it. Terrorists are becoming more and more sophisticated as the technology advances.

Early prevention and identification of vulnerabilities in any site or organisation may prevent and reduce the risks of terrorist attacks and ultimately preventing the loss of life and guarantees business continuity. As they say "Prevention is better than cure".

Our approach includes the principles of Secure-by-Design and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design to provide an unobtrusive and yet effective security system.

Akin to principle of Counter Terrorism and "Secure by Design" the practice of CPTED was proven to be very successful and our consultants would work with architects to identify and implement appropriate countermeasures to minimise damage to buildings, their infrastructure and cause unnecessary concern to their residents and users.

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design [CPTED]
  • Baggage Handling, XC-Ray, Metal Detection and Thermal Imaging
  • Under-Vehicle Scanning
  • Legitimately Authorised Covert Surveillance
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